Web site of Austrian Lysimeter Research Group

Operated by: Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Crop Protection; Research centre Flakkebjerg
DK-4200 Slagelse
Contact: Niels Henrik Hyttel Spliid
Phone: +45 5811 3300
Fax: +45 5811 3411

Slagelse/Research centre Flakkebjerg (DK 1)
Purpose of this facility Studies on leaching and degradation of pesticides and other chemicals
Operating since 1989
Number of lysimeters 8
Size classification standard
Exact size 0.7 x 0.7 x 1.1 m
Building material of container Stainless steel/concrete
Feature of lysimeter bottom Stainless steel
Lysimeter cellar (material) Concrete
suction-controlled lysimeter yes
Seepage water determination Gravimetric
Nutrients/nutrient balances yes, but no balances
Measuring interval of substances Weekly
Soil thickness in m 1
Vegetation and cultivation Arable land/field
Probes installed Tensiometers, TDR, sensors for soil temperature
Data logger yes
Further investigations/equipment C-14 residues after end of study
Remarks Monoliths are brought from the field to the research centre.
Position 5518 N, 1123 E
Altitude above sea level in m 100-200
Mean annual precipitation (mm) 600
Topographic feature Plain
Irrigation yes if below mean precipitation
Meteorological parameters Temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, global radiation, net radiation; evaporation pan
Year of survey 2004