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16 sample plots; no further information
North Savo Research Station Maaninka

Operated by: MTT Agrifood Research Finland
SF-31600 Jokioinen
Contact: Riitta Lemola
Phone: +358 3 4188
Fax: +358 3 4188 2437

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Lysimeter facility Jokioinen (Finland)Trial plot Jokioinen (Finland)
Jokioinen (FI 1)
Purpose of this facility to study the effect of different agricultural management to nutrient leaching (especially nitrogen)
Operating since 1981
Number of lysimeters 96 (8 monolithic, 88 disturbed)
Size classification standard
Exact size 0.9 m diameter x 1.7 m depth
Building material of container Glass fibre reinforced plastic
Feature of lysimeter bottom Glass fibre reinforced plastic; 0.6 m filter sand
Lysimeter cellar (material) Concrete
suction-controlled lysimeter yes
Seepage water determination Gravimetric
Nutrients/nutrient balances tot-N, NO3-N, NH4-N, Kok-P, PO4-P, Cl-, total solids; balances
not prepared but possible
Measuring interval of substances 10-15 samples annualy
Soil fraction(s) Clay, sand, loam or Carex peat
Soil thickness in m 1.1
Vegetation and cultivation variable
Probes installed TDR, sensors for soil temperature
Remarks Use of pesticide: if necessary
Position 6049' N, 2330' E
Mean annual temperature in C between 4-5
Mean annual precipitation in mm 644
Topographic feature Terrace
Kind of crop/tree variable (depends on research projects)
Irrigation possible
Meteorological parameters Precipitation; data of meteorological observatory is available
Year of survey 2004