Web site of Austrian Lysimeter Research Group
Johnstown Castle; Wexford

Operated by: Teagasc, Johnstown Castle
Contact: Dr. Karl Richards
Phone: +353 53 71200
Fax: +353 53 42213

Lysimeters in WexfordLysimeters in WexfordLysimeters in Wexford
Johnstown Castle, Wexford (IE 1)
Purpose of this facility Grazed grass on N leaching
Operating since 2004
Number of lysimeters 75
Size classification small
Exact size 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.95 m
Building material of container HDPE high density polyethylene
Material/feature of lysimeter bottom HDPE
Seepage water determination Gravimetric; drain pipe
Nutrients/nutrient balances NO3-N, NH4-N, P, DOC, Cl, K, Na, Ca, Mg; N inputs and N outputs including N2O balances
Measuring interval(s) of substances weekly to fortnightly
Soil fraction(s) Varying from clay to sandy loams
Soil type 3 types
Vegetation Herbage
Probes installed Considering installing TDR sensors
Used model/goal of investigation trying to develop a model on nitrate leaching from grazing under simulated and actual grazing
Further investigations or equipment N2O emissions using chambers; 6 hydrologically isolated fields with subsurface flow collection at 1 m below ground; we also measure all overland flow
Mean annual precipitation in mm 900
Used fertilizer/manure Fertilizer and urine
Amount of fertilizer(s) used in kg/ha up to 350 kg N/ha plus ~400 kg as urine
Fertilization period February to September
Meteorological parameters Temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure; evaporation pan existing
Evaporation determination (formula) FAO PENMAN-MONTEITH
Year of survey 2004
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