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Spilimbergo Udine
Legnaro (Padova)
Torino; no further information
Tor Mancina (Tevere Valley)
Mesocosmo AMRA (Piana di Monte Verna, Caserta)

Operated by: Servizio Agricoltura-Aziende Sperimentali e Dimostrative (SAASD)
Via G. Ferraris 20, IT-33170 Pordenone
Contact: Dr. Giuseppe Parente, Dr. Sonia Venerus
, venerus.sonia@provincia.pordenone.it

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Spilimbergo (IT 1)
Purpose of this facility to measure quantity and quality of leaching water in a shallow gravely soil under planting-rows and inter-rows of an apple orchard
Operating since 1992
Size classification small
suction-controlled lysimeter yes
Nutrients/nutrient balances N, NO3
Measuring interval(s) of substances weekly
Soil fraction(s) Gravel (shallow)
Vegetation and cultivation Arable land/field
Suction plates yes
Other details (data formats etc.) Suction plates of 30 cm diameter in 0.7 and 1.4 m depth
Remarks Project 1994-1998
Position 466'13" N, 1254'48"
Altitude above sea level in m 102
Kind of crop/tree Apple orchard, catch crops (grasses)
Ground cultivation 3 systems: bare soil, completely and partly grass covered soil
Amount of fertilizer(s) used in kg/ha 60
Amount of irrigation in mm/year spray irrigation system, 20 mm
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