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Spilimbergo Udine
Legnaro (Padova)
Torino; no further information
Tor Mancina (Tevere Valley)
Mesocosmo AMRA (Piana di Monte Verna, Caserta)

Operated by: University of Udine, Department of Crop Science and Agricultural Engineering
Via delle Scienze 208, IT-33100 Udine
Contact: Prof. Dr. Paolo Ceccon, Dr. Luisa Dalla Costa

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Udine (IT 2)
Purpose of this facility N leaching losses under maize and soya
Operating since ca. 1987
Number of lysimeters 16
Size classification large
Exact size 1.25 x 1.25 x 1.5 m depth, square
Nutrients/nutrient balances N
Vegetation and cultivation Arable land/field
Remarks Lysimeters filled with fine soil (0.5 and 1 m)
Mean annual temperature in C 13.5
Mean annual precipitation in mm 1500
Kind of crop/tree Maize, soya
Crop rotation and for which period Crop rotation
Used fertilizer/manure 3 variants of fertilizers: 0-250 kg
Amount of fertilizer(s) used in kg/ha 125-250 kg N
Year of survey 2004
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