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Spilimbergo Udine
Legnaro (Padova)
Torino; no further information
Tor Mancina (Tevere Valley)
Mesocosmo AMRA (Piana di Monte Verna, Caserta)

Operated by: University of Padua, Dipartimento di Agronomia Ambientali e Produzioni Vegetatli
Via Romea 16, IT-35020 Legnaro
Contact: Prof. Dr. Maurizio Borin

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Legnaro, Padova (IT 3)
Purpose of this facility Research on best water table management for crops in order to reduce pollutant losses; to define the water regime optimum, growing and nitrogen uptake of wetland macrophytes; to compare nitrogen losses from wetland macrophytes and from maize
Number of lysimeters 20
Size classification standard
Exact size 1 x 1 x 1 m depth
Feature of lysimeter bottom Drainage gravel
Lysimeter cellar (material) Accessible pit
Seepage water determination Drainage pipe to water tank for controlling water table depth
Nutrients/nutrient balances NO3
Soil fraction(s) Sandy loam
Vegetation and cultivation Arable land/field
Further investigations/equipment Lysimeters connected to a pair of graduated tanks for allowing regulation of the water table depth by draining or adding adequate amounts of water; 5 water table conditions are studied in 4 replications; moving cover to protect area from rainfall
Mean annual temperature in C 12.5
Mean annual precipitation in mm 825
Kind of crop/tree Maize; wetland: common reed, cattail, sedges, burlush
Amount of irrigation in mm/year dependent on research purpose
Precipitation yes
Year of survey 2004
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