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Mesocosmo AMRA (Piana di Monte Verna, Caserta)

Operated by: CRdC AMRA (Centro Regionale di Competenza "Analisi e Monitoraggio del Rischio Ambientale"), Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II" and EURECO
Phone: +39/0817682278 (University)
Fax: +39/0812391800
Contact: Maria Letizia Colarieti
mailto:colariet@unina.it, giuseppe.toscano@unina.it, guido.greco@unina.it

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Mesocosmo AMRA (Caserta)Mesocosmo AMRA (Caserta)
Mesocosmo AMRA; Piana di Monte Verna, Caserta (IT 5)
Purpose of this facility Studies on soil contamination and remediation (pollutant
release into the groundwater table, pollutant degradation by
the autochthonous microflora, variations undergone by the
autochthonous microflora)
Operating since/from March 2006
Number of lysimeters 8
Size classification standard
Exact size 1.14 m diameter, 2 m depth
Building material of vessel Steel
Feature of the lysimeter bottom Gravel
Lysimeter cellar Concrete
Groundwater level variable yes
Weighing equipment 3 weighing cells (Tedea Huntleigh 3510-C3) fixed on a Y bar
Seepage water/leachate determination Suction cups and leakage
Investigation of nutrients under evaluation
Soil thickness in m 1.80
Vegetation and cultivation Fallow/uncultivated
Probes installed Tensiometers, gypsum blocks, suction cups, sensors for soil temperature
Data logger yes
Further investigations or equipment Implementation of remediation techniques like lances for
gas sampling and for air sparging; biostimulation,
bioaugmentation, simulation of further, combined
remediation technologies
Position 41°08'55"N, 14°19'05" E
Altitude above sea level in m 30
Mean annual temperature in C 15.6
Mean annual precipitation in mm 1208
Topographic feature of surrounding area Plain
Meteorological parameters Precipitation
Year of survey 2006/2007 (last updated: July 2007)
Mesocosmo AMRA manual: http://www.amracenter.com/doc/pubblicazioni/16i.

or: http://wpage.unina.it/giutosca/mesocosmo/index_en.html