Web site of Austrian Lysimeter Research Group
Vezaiciu centre of lysimeter
  Operated by: Vežaiciai Branch, The Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture, Sector of Grassland Husbandry
Vežaiciai, Gargždu 29
LT-96216 Klaipeda
Contact: Dr. Kazimieras Katutis
Phone and fax: +37046458777

Vezaiciu centre of lysimeter (LT 1)
Purpose of this facility Definition of intense leaching processes from soil in
connection with change in meteorological conditions and
under influence of different anthropogenic factors
Number of lysimeters 84
Operating since/from 1991
Soil fraction(s) from sand to loam
Soil type 10 different soil types
Size classification standard
Exact size Diameter: 1.12 m
Filling method undisturbed/monolithic
Building material of vessel/container Metal with a special covering
Lysimeter cellar Concrete
Groundwater level variable/invariable
Seepage water determination Suction cups
Investigation of nutrients yes; also balances prepared
Measuring interval(s) of substances 4
Vegetation and cultivation Arable land/field
Kind of crop/tree different crops
Crop rotation period 6
Use of fertilizers/kind of fertilizers mineral fertilizer and organic manure
Amount of fertilizer(s) used in kg/ha From 0 to N120, P120 K150 and 60t/ha manure
Fertilization period to overestimate from grown up culture
Use of pesticide yes
Meteorological parameters Temperature, precipitation; evaporation pan existing
Position 5543' N, 2128' W
Altitude above sea level in m 56
Mean annual temperature in C 6.7
Mean annual precipitation in mm 843
Topographic feature of surrounding area Terrace of river Minija
Parent material Sediment
Year of survey 2006