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  Agricultural areas/fields, grassland  
  (nitrate, pesticides, groundwater quality, evapotranspiration)  
  (soil hydrological, nutrient transport or pesticide leaching models)  
  Dumps and contaminated soils including modelling  
  (surface sealing systems, column leaching tests, seepage water prediction, source term determination)  
  Forest ecosystems  
  (deposition, monitoring)  
  Descriptions of lysimeters, lysimeter stations and institutes  
  (including sketches and maps)  
  (of the diploma thesis "Lysimeter Stations and Soil Hydrology Measuring Sites in Europe", 2004 and other literature references/bibliographies)  
  (last updated: January 4, 2007)  


Research reports - Agricultural areas/fields, grassland (3/3)
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ES 1
Pear Crop Coefficients Obtained in a Large Weighing Lysimeter; J. Girona, J. Marsal, M. Mata, and J. del Campo - IRTA (English, p. 6; 61 KB)
FR 23
SITE ATELIER « FONTANILLE » - Infiltration, recharge, écoulements préférentiels et
transport de polluants vers les nappes; L. DI PIETRO, C. DOUSSAN, S. RUY
J.C.GAUDU, P.PERRIN, R.PALLUT, D. RENARD 2004 (French, p. 31; 681 KB)
IE 1
Leaching of Nitrate-N (NO3-N) from cropped and fallow soil—a lysimeter study with ambient and imposed rainfall regimes; Michael Ryan, Marie Sherwood, Aidan Fanning (English, p. 16; 112 KB)
IT 4
Experimental guidelines for lysimeters studies in the mediterranean area; Rosa Francaviglia, Ettore Capri, Marco Trevisan (English, p. 8; 61 KB)
HU 1
Abstracts: Effect of water- and nutrient supplies on the yield components and NPK content of maize, Nitrate Leaching Studies in Long-term Lysimeter and
Field Experiments, etc.; I, ZIMA SZALÓKINÉ - S. SZALÓKI (English, p. 2; 52 KB)
HU 2
Effect of surface formation and covering on the water balance and temperature of the soil in lysimeters; József Zsembeli 2001 (English, p. 11; 1 MB)
UK 2, 3
Experimental investigation of nitrogen deposition impacts on montane ecosystems (English, p. 2; 23 KB)
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