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  Agricultural areas/fields, grassland  
  (nitrate, pesticides, groundwater quality, evapotranspiration)  
  (soil hydrological, nutrient transport or pesticide leaching models)  
  Dumps and contaminated soils including modelling  
  (surface sealing systems, column leaching tests, seepage water prediction, source term determination)  
  Forest ecosystems  
  (deposition, monitoring)  
  Descriptions of lysimeters, lysimeter stations and institutes  
  (including sketches and maps)  
  (of the diploma thesis "Lysimeter Stations and Soil Hydrology Measuring Sites in Europe", 2004 and other literature references/bibliographies)  
  (last updated: Sept. 10, 2006)  
Research reports - Dumps and contaminated soils including modelling (1/2)
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DE 18
Column Leaching Tests for Groundwater Risk Assessment: Concept, Interpretation of Results, and Reproducibility; Bernd Susset & Peter Grathwohl (English, p. 6; 68 KB)
DE 18
Numerical and Analytical Modelling of Organic Leaching in Column Tests: "A Priori"
Prediction of Release Rates Based On Material Properties; Bernd Susset & Peter Grathwohl (English, p. 7; 146 KB)
DE 18
Stoffaustrag aus mineralischen Abfällen: Untersuchung der zeitlichen Quellstärke-entwicklung in Großlysimetern des LUA NRW; Bernd Susset, Wolfgang Leuchs, Thomas Delschen (German, p. 17; 308 KB)
DE 18
Assessment of groundwater risk due to emission of organic pollutants from contaminated soils by the prediction of contaminant concentrations in the seepage
w ater and the prediction of contaminant transport by seepage water (seepage water prediction): theoretical backround and state of research work (English and German, p. 1; 51 KB)
DE 30
several publications available for download as pdf files on  
DE 35
Long-term observation of alternative landfill capping systems – field tests on a landfill in Bavaria; U. Henken-Mellies and E. Gartung (English, p. 8; 239 KB)
DE 35
Langzeitverhalten von Dränmatten und Bentonitmatten in Oberflächenabdichtungen. – Ergebnisse eines Testfeldes auf der Deponie „Im Dienstfeld“, Landkreis Ansbach (German, p. 15; 232 KB)
DE 35
Die Bedeutung der Rekultivierungsschicht für die Wirksamkeit von Deponie-Oberflächenabdichtungen; W. Ulrich Henken-Mellies (German, p. 16; 190 KB)

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