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  Agricultural areas/fields, grassland  
  (nitrate, pesticides, groundwater quality, evapotranspiration)  
  (soil hydrological, nutrient transport or pesticide leaching models)  
  Dumps and contaminated soils including modelling  
  (surface sealing systems, column leaching tests, seepage water prediction, source term determination)  
  Forest ecosystems  
  (deposition, monitoring)  
  Descriptions of lysimeters, lysimeter stations and institutes  
  (including sketches and maps)  
  (of the diploma thesis "Lysimeter Stations and Soil Hydrology Measuring Sites in Europe", 2004 and other literature references/bibliographies)  
Research reports - Dumps and contaminated soils including modelling (2/2)
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DE 38
Langzeitbeobachtung zum Verhalten einer verstärkten mineralischen Dichtungs-
schicht in einer kombinierten Oberflächenabdichtung; W. Breh, V. Giurgea & H. Hötzl (German, abstract in English, p. 14; 463 KB)
DE 38
Studies on the long-term performance of an alternative surface-sealing system with
Underlying capillary barrier; V.I. Giurgea, H. Hötzl and W. Breh (English, p. 10; 1 MB)
DE 38
Übertragung von Lysimetermessungen auf ein größeres Umfeld unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der numerischen Wasserhaushaltsmodellierungen mit HELP®;
André Gerlach, Vlad Giurgea, Heinz Hötzl (German, p. 6; 330 KB)
DE 38
Oberflächenabdichtungen für Deponien – Stand der Technik; Heinz Hötzl und Vlad Giurgea (German, p. 17; 1.1 MB)
SK 1
Disposal of the Radioactive Contaminated Soils from the NPP Site; Ivan Matušek, Július Plško, Michal Šajtlava (English, p. 8; 513 KB)

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