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  Agricultural areas/fields, grassland  
  (nitrate, pesticides, groundwater quality, evapotranspiration)  
  (soil hydrological, nutrient transport or pesticide leaching models)  
  Dumps and contaminated soils including modelling  
  (surface sealing systems, column leaching tests, seepage water prediction, source term determination)  
  Forest ecosystems  
  (deposition, monitoring)  
  Descriptions of lysimeters, lysimeter stations and institutes  
  (including sketches and maps)  
  (of the diploma thesis "Lysimeter Stations and Soil Hydrology Measuring Sites in Europe", 2004 and other literature references/bibliographies)  


Research reports - Modelling/agricultural areas (2/2)
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IT 4
Simulation of soil water, bromide and pesticide behaviour in soil with the GLEAMS model; S. Rekolainen, V. Gouy, R. Francaviglia, O.-M. Eklo, I. Bärlund
(English, p. 24; 847 KB)
IT 4
The EC European Program COST Action 66. An Italian contribution to the Working Group modelling; R. Francaviglia et al. (English, p. 9; 1 MB)
IT 4
Some results - Soil electric conductivity and nitrate leaching (English, p. 1; 24 KB)
IT 4
Comparison of water flux and tracer transport in pesticide leaching models;
Rosa Francaviglia, Marco Trevisan and Ettore Capri (English, p. 2; 46 KB)
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