Web site of Austrian Lysimeter Research Group

This Web site is part of the homepage of the Lysimeter Research Group (Arbeitsgruppe Lysimeter)
and presents

  • descriptions of European lysimeter stations,
  • important research reports (lysimeter studies) for download or
  • links to further lysimeter sites, operators or providers of soil hydrological measuring systems.
  The main goal of this platform is to make information about lysimeter stations easily accessible and to enable an exchange of experience between researchers in lysimetric fields.  
  (last updated: August 30, 2006)  


Sitemap - structure and content of the homepage (European Lysimeter Platform/EuLP)
Clickable map of Europe
Clickable map of Europe -
links to 21 countries
  Research reports are sorted
according to their main
research task
  to Web sites of lysimeter operators, providers of measuring systems and lysimeter descriptions in
the following countries:
  structure and content of this homepage
Country site:   Agricultural areas/fields,
Austria (AT)
Belgium (BE)
Croatia (HR)
Czech Republic (CZ)
Estonia (EE)
Denmark (DK)
Finland (FI)
France (FR)
Germany (DE)
Hungary (HU)
Ireland (IE)
Italy (IT)
Lithuania (LT)
Poland (PL)
Republic of Macedonia (MK)
Slovakia (SK)
Slovenia (SI)
Spain (ES)
Sweden (SE)
Switzerland (CH)
United Kingdom (UK)
--> clickable symbols show
where stations are located in
each country and which
lysimeter type is operated there
  (nitrate, pesticides, ground-
water quality, evapotrans-
--> map symbols are explained   (agricultural areas)      
    Dumps and contaminated soils including modelling      
Page for each station/
  (surface sealing systems,
seepage water prediction,
source term determination)

--> tables containing detailed
description (technical details,
main purpose, etc.) of each
station are provided
  Forest ecosystems      
--> photos and sketches
support the descriptions
  Descriptions of lysimeters,
lysimeter stations and
--> operator's contact
information is available
  (sketches and maps)        
    References   Lysimeter installation/
Measuring systems
    (of the diploma thesis "Lysimeter Stations and Soil Hydrology Measuring Sites in Europe", 2004 and other references)   Descriptions of lysimeter