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Jaslovské Bohunice



Operated by: EKOSUR
919 31 Jaslovské Bohunice
Slovak Republic

Contact: Ing. Július Plško, Dr. Lucia Zavodska
Phone: +421(0)33 5908 119 or 116
Fax: +421(0)33 5908 120
mailto:matusek@ekosur.sk or

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Lysimeter station at Nuclear Power Plant A-1 /Jaslovské BohuniceScheme of lysimeter operated at Nuclear Power Plant A-1/Jaslovské Bohunice
Nuclear Power Plant, Jaslovské Bohunice (SK 1)
Purpose of this facility disposal of contaminated soils at site of NPP, migration of radionuclides in the soil (contaminated soil in simulate natural conditions, testing ignite or zeolite sorption layers, compressed and non-compressed soil behaviour testing)
Operating since 2001/2002
Number of lysimeters 6
Size classification standard
Exact size 1.196 m diameter, 1.2 m depth
Building material of container Inert plastic
Feature of lysimeter bottom Geotextil and gravel; circle
Seepage water determination Drain pipes
Nutrients/nutrient balances Radionucleides (no balances)
Measuring interval of substances Soil: on the beginning and occasionally; leachate: every month
Soil fractions Clay, sand-clay
Soil thickness in m approximately 1 m
Vegetation and cultivation Fallow
Server/data base yes
Used model/goal of investigation Model programme VS2DTI (vertical substance transport)
Other facilities Leachate: pH and conductivity measurement, colour intensity,
contain of solid particles
Remarks Open lysimetric tanks
Future developments Long term testing of radiocesium and radiostrontium in soil horizont in natural rainfall regime, monitoring of the effectiveness of the sorbent layer, dependence of radionuclide vertical migration in soil on the soil treatment (non-compessed condition)
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