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Selniška Dobrava
Maribor Tezno
Ljubljana Klece
Ljubljana Union Brewery
Sinji Vrh



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Slovenia (SI)

Operating lysimeter/soil hydrology measuring sites

(main field of research or vegetation type in parentheses)

SI 1: Apace (Crnci in the Apace valley) (AG) SI 4: Maribor Tezno (HY/AG)
SI 2: Sinji Vrh (HY/AG) SI 5: Ljubljana Klece (HY/AG)
SI 3: Selniška dobrava (HY/FO) SI 6: Ljubljana Union Brewery (HY/UR)
  AG = Agriculture (Fields/grassland) FO = Forest
  HY = Hydrology UR = Urban area
(Information of station SI 4 was updated on June 9, 2008; new lysimeter type ingetrated!)