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Mollerussa EEL fields; Lleida

Operated by: Institut de Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàrias (IRTA), Cap de L'Àrea de Tecnologia Frutícola, Centre UdL-IRTA
Avda Rovira Roure 177, 25198 Spain
Contact: Dr. Joan Girona i Gomis
Phone: +34 973 702587
Fax: +34 973 238301


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Mollerussa EEL fields, Lleida (ES 1)
Purpose of this facility to determine orchard water requirements for irrigation scheduling and evapotranspiration of apple and pear trees
Operating since 1999?
Number of lysimeters 2
Size classification large
Exact size 9.5 mē x 1.7 m depth
Lysimeter cellar (material) Concrete
Weighing equipment 4 load cells (capacity: 15 t each)
Seepage water determination Gravimetric
Vegetation and cultivation Orchard: apple and pear trees
Data logger yes
Other details (data formats etc.) Load cells are connected to a logger
Further investigations/equipment Irrigation recipients (100 l each): daily refilled at night with a similar amount of water lost the day before, water is again used to irrigate the lysimeter; automated weather station
Remarks Each lysimeter is located in the center of a plot (apples and pears). Sensitivity of load cells is 0.5 kg which allows us to detect water consumption of 0.053 mm.
Amount of irrigation in mm/year depending on evapotranspiration
Meteorological parameters Temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, global radiation
Evaporation determination (formula) PENMAN-MONTEITH (Eto)
Water balance determination
crop coefficients values (Kc) determined as: Kc = ETc/Eto; Etc obtained directly from lysimeters
Other analyses or formulas used Light interception determined weekly (ceptometer)
Year of survey 2004