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Operated by: Forschungsanstalt Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon ART
CH-8046 Zürich
Contact: Volker Prasuhn
Phone: +41 1 377 71 45
Fax: +41 1 377 72 01
http://www.art.admin.ch; http://www.art.admin.ch/themen/00544/00813/

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Facility Reckenholz - cellarFacility Reckenholz

Zürich-Reckenholz (CH 3)
Purpose of this facility Nutrient leaching (mainly nitrate); water balance
Operating since 1980
Number of lysimeters 12
Size classification large
Exact size 2 m diameter x 2.5 m depth, cylindrical
Building material of container Glass fibre reinforced polyester
Feature of lysimeter bottom Sand and gravel filter layer
Lysimeter cellar (material) Concrete
Weighing equipment Weighbridge
Seepage water determination Gravimetric
Nutrients/nutrient balances N, K, Ca, Mg; also balances: fertilization and crop offtake
Measuring interval(s) of substances fortnightly
Soil fraction(s) Sandy loam
Soil type Cambisol
Soil thickness in m 2
Vegetation and cultivation Arable crops
Server, data base yes
Probes installed Sensors for soil temperature
Data logger yes
Further investigation/equipment Yield and nutrient content of plants; tipping buckets for
determination of seepage water
Used model/goal of investigation LeachmN; lysimeter data serves as basic data for the
nutrient flow model MODIFFUS (determination of diffusive
N losses on a meso-scale level)
Position 681 350 / 253 600
Altitude above sea level in m 443
Mean annual temperature in °C 8.5
Mean annual precipitation in mm 1043
Topographic feature Plain
Parent material Ground moraine, alluvial deposits
Crop rotation and for which period Maize - winter wheat + catch crop - potatoes - winter wheat -
winter barley - grass-clover ley - grass-clover ley (7 years)
Ground cultivation conventional
Used fertilizer/manure mineral
Amount of fertilizer(s) used in kg/ha according to guidelines for arable and grassland farming 2008
Fertilization period March-July
Use of pesticide yes
Meteorological parameters Temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, global radiation
Future developments A new facility with 72 vessels is now being installed -->
see type 2 (it is replacing the lysimeter facility
Year of survey 2004/2008
(last update: July 25, 2008)
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