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The Lysimeter Platform contains general information on lysimeter sites worldwide. The contents, e.g. concerning configuration and operation, are presented in a standardized form to get a quick but helpful overview on the sites. Each item might also be linked to more detailed descriptions provided by the respective site operator. Due to the standardized information in the database the Lysimeter Platform serves also as search-engine for soil water related measurements and helps to find sites of interest and corresponding contact information. Members of the Lysimeter Research Group (please register to the Lysimeter Research Group) are able to create and edit their lysimeter sites, soil water samplers and soil hydrologic measuring profiles.

By using this site you accept that the Lysimeter Research Group is not responsible for contents that are provided by users of the Lysimeter Platform. Please also note that there is neither a guarantee for correctness nor completeness of the provided information. You furthermore accept the usage of cookies which are used to optimize and remember the way specific data is shown.


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1 Lysimeter Woburn Farm, Bedford n.s. United Kingdom 0 n.s. yes n.s. yes yes
2 Lysimeter Pulawy n.s. Poland 25 n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. yes n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s.
3 Lysimeter Nuclear Power Plant n.s. Slovakia 6 yes n.s. n.s. yes
4 Lysimeter Limburgerhof n.s. Germany 18 n.s. yes n.s. n.s. yes
5 Lysimeter Seibersdorf n.s. Austria 18 yes yes
6 Lysimeter Seibersdorf n.s. Austria 1 yes
7 Lysimeter Seibersdorf n.s. Austria 12 yes yes
8 Lysimeter Groß-Enzersdorf n.s. Austria 2 yes yes yes
9 Lysimeter Ronneburg n.s. Germany 0 n.s. yes n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s.
10 Lysimeter Maribor Tenzo n.s. Slovenia 1 n.s. yes n.s. yes yes yes
11 Soil water sampler Pusté Jakartice n.s. Czech Republic 1 n.s. yes n.s. n.s. n.a. n.s.
12 Lysimeter Eberswalde n.s. Germany 7 yes yes yes yes
13 Lysimeter FZ Jülich n.s. Germany 30 n.s. yes n.s. yes yes
14 Lysimeter Johnstown Castle, We n.s. Ireland 75 n.s. yes n.s. yes
15 Soil water sampler Villié-Morgon n.s. France 4 n.s. yes n.s. n.s. n.a. n.s.
16 Lysimeter Neuherberg n.s. Germany 17 yes yes yes
17 Lysimeter Kervalic n.s. France 2 n.s. yes n.s. yes yes
18 Lysimeter NAIK ÖVKI Szarvas n.s. Hungary 320 n.s. n.s. yes n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s. yes n.s. n.s. n.s. n.s.
19 Lysimeter Sennenstadt (Bielefe n.s. Germany 1 yes yes
20 Lysimeter Zürich-Reckenholz n.s. Switzerland 12 n.s. yes n.s. yes
21 Soil water sampler Hradec nad Svitavou n.s. Czech Republic 1 n.s. yes n.s. n.s. n.a. n.s.
22 Lysimeter Groß-Enzersdorf n.s. Austria 1 yes yes yes
23 Lysimeter München (Privat) n.s. Germany 1 yes yes
24 Lysimeter Apace Velley n.s. Slovenia 12 n.s. yes n.s.
25 Soil water sampler Spilimbergo n.s. Italy 0 n.s. yes n.s. n.s. n.a. n.s.
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